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Chazzan Man
The Art Of Silence
Our Minyan
Seasons In The Den
American Lie
Winds of Faith
Jacks and the Dreidle
Breaker “1-9”

Chazzan Man
(B. Joel/ E. Nathan)

It’s 4:45 in the morning,
The regular crowd shuffles in.
There’s an old man sitting next to me
In his tallis and wrapped in tfillin.

He says “son, can you sing me a nigun?
I’m not really sure how it goes,
But it’s sad and it’s sweet,
and I knew it complete,
And it comes from deep down in your soul.”
Sing us a song, you’re the chazzan man,
Sing us a song today.
Well, we’re all in the mood for a melody,
A nigun that will help us all pray.

Now, Joe’s got a store in the city,
Supposed to be there 9-5.
But he learns his daf-yomi,
Forgets about money,
Says he’s got enough to survive.

He says “Yossi, how I love to learn Torah,
How I love to follow its ways!
And soon I’ll have enough to retire,
And then I can stay here all day.”

Now, Velvel’s a real estate millionaire.
Gives tzedakah along with his wife,
And he’s learns with Akivah,
Who’s still in yeshiva,
And probably will be for life.

And no one is talking about politics
‘Cause they come here to learn and to pray.
Oh yes, these tzadikim, they come to vasikin,
And that’s how they start off each day.
(Sing us a song…)

It’s a pretty good crowd for a Wednesday
And the gabbai tells me to begin.
As the sound of my tune
Was heard through the room,
The rest of the people joined in.

And the sun rose above the horizon,
And the angels danced as we prayed
As we shared in the feeling called holiness,
Cause that’s how we start a new day
(Sing us a song… )

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Our Minyan

(J. Lennon/ P. McCartney/ D. Gold)

(Performed by Harold Fruchter)


There’s a shul in New Jersey that is one of a kind
Where ten people come and daven every day.
What makes it so special are the people inside,
Their backgrounds and the way in which they pray.


Nosson is a Yekki, he’s from Washington Heights, Sol graduated from Y.U.
Ben Shushan is a Sfardi that is pretty unique, 'cause he can daven like an Ashkenazi, too.


Oh, yes! What a mess! Have rachmonis!
How could such a minyan survive?
Oy veys mir! A gevalt! What latzonis!
What will keep this minyan alive?


Etan’s an Israeli with a kippa sruga, stands there with intense concentration.
Stanley is a lawyer, a baal tshuva, too. has a siddur with an English translation.

Yossi’s a yeshiva bochur, wears a black hat. Shaya wears a bekesha, you see.
Mendy is originally from Crown Heights and, of course, he davens nusach Ari.
(Oh, yes! What a mess…)

Alex came from Russia not so long ago and davens with a real terrific bren.
Fishel deals in diamonds, a baal tfilah, too and that brings us to our minyan of ten.
Yet no one ever seems to kvetch or complain. They consider one another best of friends,
For they know that together there all davening to the one and only Hashem.

What a sight! A delight! Its a kiddush Hashem.
Achdus keeps this minyan alive.
Me for you, you for me! We’re a team, you see.
With achdus our nation survives.

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The Art Of Silence
(P. Simon/ D. Gold)

Hello Shalom, my dear friend,
I've come to talk with you again.
We haven't spoken since 1903,
Around the turn of the century,
But the message that you planted in my brain
Still remains. It was the sound of silence.

You taught me then what words could do,
How they could twist and misconstrue.
Words can build and words can devastate.
Words can establish love or senseless hate
And like daggers, they can pierce a persons heart,
Split apart the very sound of silence.

And in 1931, I married off my eldest son.
When he asked me for some sound advice,
I told him "soundless" would be more precise.
You must measure every word that leaves your lips.
Relationships flourish on the sound of silence.

And in 1953, with my Grandson on my knee,
He asked the secret of longevity,
I said the trick is sensitivity.
You must judge every person favorably
Master the art of silence.

And in 1993, we’re still around for all to see.
As your 107th birthday nears,
I wish you many more joy-filled years.
My dear Shalom,
Such loyal friends are scarce and few
And, thanks to you,
We're spreading the sounds of silence.

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Seasons In The Den

(R. McKuen/ J. Brel/ E. Nathan)


Goodbye to you, my trusted friend,
We’ve always been together in the den
Together, wasting lots of time.
Learned of decadence and crime,
Immorality and grime.

Goodbye, my friend, it’s time you know
I’ve had enough of you, it’s time you go.
Before I watch another show
I can’t take it, can’t you see?
Goodbye to you, my dear TV.

We saw violence, we saw crime,
We saw decadence and grime.
On the channels, we could find
The destruction of our minds.

Goodbye to Starsky and to Hutch,
Archie Bunker and the Brady Bunch,
The Simpson family,
Empty laughs and comedy
And late night stupidity.

Goodbye to you, my Sony friend.
Escape from life and meaning ‘til the end
My trusty Trinitron,
Remote control would turn it on
And in seconds I’d be gone.
(We saw violence…)

Goodbye to you at NBC
And all the extra stuff on cable TV,
HBO and Pay-Per-View.
Geraldo, Oprah, Donahue,
I’ll do better without you.

Goodbye to you, my TV Guide,
Maxwell Smart and Ironside,
The potato chips and nosh,
In my living room, so posh.
Oh, what a mishugas!
(We saw violence…)

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(T. Hatch/D. Gold)

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always call the shadchan.
No need to worry, there’s no charge at all
When you decide to call the shadchan.
Just arrange a meeting and give them information,
How you earn a living and what’s your education.
Who will it be?

So, maybe just pick up a phone,
you can forget all your troubles,
don’t be all alone,
Call the shadchan, maybe you’ll find your mate
Shadchan... Call before it’s too late
Shadchan... Your zivug is waiting for you.

If you’ve had enough and life is getting too tough
You can always call the shadchan.
Who will it be, you won’t know ‘til you see them
When you get set up with the Shadchan.
So take a drive right over to the Marriott Marquis,
Conversation in the lobby or at the Olive Tree,
What will it be?

So maybe just pick up a phone,
you can forget all your troubles, don’t be all alone,
Call the shadchan, Sometimes they exaggerate.
Shadchan... Call before it’s too late
Shadchan... Your zivug is waiting for you.

If things don’t work out
Just the way that you planned them,
You can always blame the shadchan.
But if things develop
And the shidduch goes through,
Then you will thank that same shadchan.
The question that arises is “what’s the going price.”
“Does each side pay separately?” and
“What’s considered nice?”
The moment’s come.
The couple’s decided, the wedding’s in June,
Don’t forget what you promised and pay up real soon
To the shadchan, he helped you find your mate.

Shadchan... He helped you break the plate.
Shadchan.. Your zivug is married to you.
Shadchan... Don’t even hesitate.
Shadchan... Don’t be a cheapskate.
Shadchan... He found your zivug for you.

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American Lie
(D. McLean/ D. Gold/ E. Nathan/ G. Veroba)

A long, long time ago, I can still remember
How I dreamt of being a billionaire.
And I know that, if I had my way,
That I’d be super-rich one day
and maybe I’d be happy for a while.
Then luxury would all be mine,
All day long I’d wine and dine.
I’d have it my way, parties night and day.
Cadillacs, success and fame,
I’d quickly learn to play the game.
Happiness was there to buy, the day the music lied.

So, bye, bye, big American lie,
I tried to buy meaning with no meaning to buy.
They say “drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”
It’s the big American lie. It’s the big American lie.

Did you write the book of success
And will money buy you happiness?
Everybody tells you so.

You got the mansion and the swimming pool,
But you don’t even go to shul.
You’re in “Lincoln Continental-land.”
“A mansion and a Mercedes Benz

Will always bring you lots of friends.”
Hey, wake up you phony!
Don’t believe the baloney.

I had it all I couldn’t want more,
But didn’t know what I was livin’ for
Then suddenly I realized, that day, they all had lied.
I started singing… (bye, bye…)

Now, for ten years I’ve been on my own
Since I came to that wall of stone
It’s called the western wall.

“Say, have you met the Shabbos queen?”
Said Meyer Schuster, like a dream.
“The torah,” he said, “it’s made for you and me.”
“Now, when Hashem created mortal man,
You know he had a special plan.”
I went to yeshiva to stay.
It blew my mind away.

While men were reading the book from the arc,
those words went straight into my heart
And I came out from the dark, the day the music lied.
I started singing…(bye, bye…)

He's got Master Card, American Express,
Diners Club, Visa but he's all depressed
He's got some money and falling fast
Go out now and mow the grass,
Soon the need for truth will pass.
Tomorrow is another day.

“Hey, bought another car this week but his one has leather seats,”
A new PC to play, I'm happy for a day.
With my Concorde and a case of gin,
There's no place I haven't been
There soon was no place left to go, so I sat down to learn.
I started singing..... (bye, bye...)

I only wished I’d heard before,
all I want and maybe more, but better late then never, they say
Now, sink your teeth into a torah pshat,
Some tosephos or your daily blatt
Get some holy food to feed your mind
Don’t waste time on silly things, on Cadillacs and fancy rings
No designer thing you wear will help you out upstairs
We’ve had enough with songs that say,
“We’re only living for today.”
Time to sing a song of truth, the day the music lied.
So, (bye, bye…)

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Winds of Faith
(B. Dylan/ Y. Gold)

How do we know that each day we exist
Is a chance to pursue what is right?
And how do we know that each mitzvah we do
Creates an eternal light?
And how do we know that there will be a time
When the children of Hashem will re-unite?
The answer, my son, is "Hashem has told us so."
He spoke through our prophets long ago.

How do we know that the torah is real,
That each and every letter is true?
And how do we know that each day we exist
Our lives have been granted anew?
And how do we know that the love in our hearts
Is there to be shared with every Jew?

The answer, my friend, we heard on Har Sinai.
Hashem himself has spoken from on high.
How do we know that there's only one G-d,
Whose glory fills the earth and the sea?
And how do we know He created this world,

Only to give joy to you and me?
How will I know what to answer my son
When he asks all these questions of me?

The answer, my son, is a faith so sure and true,
Our fathers passed it down to me and you.

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Jacks and the Dreidle
(H. Chapin/ T. Circle)

My child was born just the other day
We gave him a bris in the traditional way.
But there were planes to catch and bills to pay
He learned the aleph beis when I was away.
He started learning chumash and as he grew he’d say
“I want to learn with you dad,
You know I want to learn with you.”

And the jacks and the dreidle and a red balloon
Little boy Dov grew up so soon
“When can we learn dad?”
“ I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then, son,
You know we’ll learn together then.”

My boy was Bar Mitzvah on a shabbos day
He read from the torah in a beautiful way.
He asked me “Abba, can we learn today?”
I said “not right now”, he said “that’s okay”
And as he walked away his smile never dimmed
It said, “I’m gonna learn with him, yeah,
Someday I’m gonna learn with him.”
(And the jacks and the dreidle…)

Well he came from yeshiva just the other day
A young, pious man I just had to say
“Son I’m proud of you, can we talk for awhile?”
He said “I’d love to dad”, with a great big smile
“What I’d really love most is to study tonight,
If you want to come it’s quite alright.”
(And the jacks and the dreidle…)

It’s been some time since my son moved away
Now I call him up almost every day.
We talk about the parsha and the things he learns
And how around the torah this whole world turns.
I feel so refreshed when the call is through
“It’s really nice talking to you son,
It’s sure nice learning with you.”

And as I hung up the phone, I could feel in my heart,
It’s never to late to start, yeah,
It’s never to late to start.

(And the jacks and the dreidle…)

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Breaker “1-9”
(D. Gold)

I was on the outskirts of a little Southern town
Trying to reach my destination before the sun went down.
This old CB was blaring away on channel “1-9”
When there came a little boy’s voice on the radio line.
He said, “Breaker ‘1-9’ is anyone there?
Come on back truckers, talk to Dovie Bear.”
Well I keyed the mike and I said “You got it, Dovie Bear”
And the little boy’s voice came back on the air.
Appreciate the break who we got on that end?
I told him my name and then he began.
“Now I’m not supposed to bother you fellas out there.|
Mom says you’re busy and for me to stay off the air.
But you see I’m disabled and unable to walk
And a little disappointed, you mind if we talk?”
I came back and told him to fire up that mike
And I’d talk to him as long as he’d like.
“Well this here’s my dad’s radio and he’s outside in the yard,
you see Succos is tonight and he’s finding it pretty hard.
My dad’s great when it comes to selling wholesale

But he’s not handy when it comes to hammers and nails.
He’s sure trying awful hard to put up those four walls
But each time it just collapses and falls.
I could tell he’s upset and running out of patience
And I guess I won’t have a chance to hang up my decorations.
I wish I could help him but there’s not much I can do
But thank you for listening, it’s been sure nice talking to you.”

Well I came back and said “before you go ‘10-10,’
What’s your home twenty CB friend?”
Well he gave me his address and I didn’t once hesitate
Because this hot load of freight is just gonna have to wait.
I turned that truck around on a dime
And headed to Sherwood Street “2-2-9”.
As I rounded the corner I saw a man standing on a ladder.
He looked up at me and you could tell he just couldn’t be gladder.
I don’t really know what Succos is
But when it comes to hammers and nails, I’m a real whiz.
And before you could say, “eenie, meenie, minie, mo…”
That succah was up and ready to go.

Well of course they appreciated it and invited me to stay.
It was my very first Succos and it was great I must say.
Since then I’ve become an observant Jew.
I’ve got a balabusta of my own and a shabbos table too.
So if you ever need a little help just call Breaker “1-9”
Ask for Yankel, I’m here all the time.
I’m signing off now all my CB friends.
“10-4,” good buddies, catch you all again.

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He’s Coming to America
Hotel In California
Narrow Bridge
He Wrote The Psalms
We Are Your World
Reachin' Out
Top Of The Bimah
One Thin Story

He’s Coming to America
(N. Diamond/ S. Stefansky/ G. Veroba)

Long, we’ve been waiting so long
Without a home, but still we’re standing strong.
Dream, yearning for our dream,
We’ve come so close, closer than it seems.

On the streets and in the schools,
He’s coming, coming closer now.
In the shops and in the shuls,
He’s coming, coming closer now.

Home, though it seems so far away,
We’re approaching so near today
Home, for our prayers never cease.
We will keep the mitzvos in peace.
No, it can’t be so long.
No, it won’t be too long.

Everywhere around the world,
He’s coming, coming closer now.
Every corner in the world,
He’s coming, coming closer now.

Any day he will be here,
He’s coming, coming closer now.
Collecting us from everywhere,
He’s coming, coming closer now

He’s coming to America.
He’s coming up to Canada.
He’s coming to Afghanistan.
He’s coming to the Holyland today.

Eliyahu hanavi,Eliyahu hatishbi
Bim’heira yavo, im Mashiach ben David…Today!

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Hotel In California

(D. Henley/ G. Frey/ D. Felder/ S. Rockoff/ G. Veroba)


Through a darkened hallway I am searching with care,
With the help of a candle, for chometz everywhere.
Up ahead, in the distance, is it bread, am I right?
With my spoon and my feather I am sweeping tonight.

Now I stand in the doorway, every crumb I have found.
Soon, with all of our luggage, we’ll take off from the ground.
Now I blow out the candle, soon we’ll be on our way.
As we leave, I lock the door, and I can hear them say…


“Pesach at a hotel in California!”
My whole family will be 'round the table with me.
We’ll come to the hotel in California,
They’ll be waiting on me. I will truly be free!

Our friends drive to the airport in their Mercedes Benz.
We're glad to be staying at home with family and friends.
The kids will sing "Ma Nishtana," everything will be set
On the night we remember what we cannot forget.

So I'll pour arba kosos, “Please bring me my wine.”
And I said, "I wouldn't give this up for the world,
Pesach home is divine.”
And I remember those people, so far away.
We'll stay up 'til the middle of the night,
And this is what we'll say:

“Pesach at a hotel in California!”
My whole family will be 'round the table with me.
We don't even have think of California.
Here at home, we will be, our whole family.

Crystal on the ceiling, Zinfandel on ice, and we said:
"We were all just prisoners there, but now isn't this nice!
Now that we're out of danger, we'll gather for the feast.
We once feared for all our lives, but they can't kill our beliefs."

One more thing to remember, Eliyahu's at the door.
He'll join us in our passage back to the place we were before.
While we relax on our left sides, we are destined to be free.
Have your seder any place you like, it doesn't have to be…

Pesach at a hotel in California. My whole family could be
Anywhere with me, living it up at a hotel in California
Or at the NEVELE, just as long as we’re free.

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Narrow Bridge

(P. Simon/S. Stefansky)


When you're weary, feeling small,
When tears are in your eyes,
Have no fear at all.
He's on your side, when all seems lost
And hope just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water,
You will reach dry ground.

When you're all alone,
Hashem hears your call.
When you can't find your way,
Have no fear at all.

He'll light the way when darkness comes.
You'll hear his voice resound,
Like a bridge over troubled water,
You will reach dry ground.

All the world is one narrow bridge
And when you start to fall,
He hears your silent cry.
The sun will shine for you in the end
So have no fear, my friend.
Narrow bridge over troubled water,
You will soon transcend.
Narrow bridge over troubled water
Gesher Tzaar Meod

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(R. M. Sherman/ R. B. Sherman/ E. Rachaim)


It came outa’ my past and into my life,
Its author divine.
613, it’s beautiful and it’s mine.
Its Adam and Eve and what to believe,
It’s milk and honey and wine.
613, it’s beautiful and it’s mine.

The laws of money, the Sukkah booth,
Blintzes, Matzoh and telling the truth,
The lulav group and the birds in the coup,
The laws of finding a fly in your soup!

Its Jacob and sons. Esav, it shuns.
Its “Goldstein, Friedman and Klein.”
613, it’s beautiful and it’s mine.

Pesach comes, toss the leaven.
Every Shabbos is made in heaven.
A good deed a day keeps the pagans at bay,
And what we need, we get when we pray.

So study the law, the lessons and lore,
Its ageless wisdom you’ll find.
613, it’s beautiful and it’s mine.
All mine… all mine… all mine.

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(E. John/ B. Taupin/ S. Stefansky)


Daniella is traveling tonight on a plane.
I can see the El Al flight
Taking her so far away,
Taking Daniella off to the sky.
And I know we planned this,
b ut I can't remember why.

Eretz Yisroel has so much to give.
Daniella says it's the best place
For learning the real way to live,
Spending a year far away on her own
In Yerushalyim,
Discovering a second home.

Daniella, my daughter, you are a part of me.
Can you perceive the pain,
The pain of setting you free?
Yet, how you've gained, the lessons now ingrained.
Daniella, you have grown\
In this year, far from home.


Daniella is traveling tonight on a plane.
I can see the El Al flight
Bringing her back once again,
Back with the memories of all that she's done.
And it all was worth it,
To see the person she's become.
Oh, I can see, Daniella,
In just one year, what you've become.


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He Wrote The Psalms

(B. Johnston/ S. Rockoff)


His name will live forever,
He wrote Tehillim, the Psalms.
His words, they bring us all together,
Dovid Hamelech. Yes, he wrote the Psalms.


He wrote the Psalms that all the whole world sings,
He wrote of holy love and blessed things.
He wrote the songs that make Neshomas cry,
He wrote the Psalms, He wrote the Psalms.


He claimed Yerushalayim
Our city, forever more.
After 3,000 years we've not forgotten,
Hearing us singing, L'Dovid Mizmor.
(He wrote the Psalms....)


His Hallel makes you dance
And gives your spirit a second chance,
And he wrote Hashem ro’i lo echsor.
Your faith, restored again,
Mizmor Shir, praise Hashem.
It’s from him, Tehillim.
It’s for you, it's for me,
It's a world-wide symphony!
(He wrote the Psalms....)

Dovid Hamelech. Yes, he wrote the Psalms.

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We Are Your World

(M. Jackson/ L. Richie/ S. Stefansky)


There comes a time,

As we watch our lives unfold,

When the world feels strange, future unknown.

There’s a child born, it’s a gift from up above,

A gift, yet hard to realize.


We can go on and pretend we just don’t see

This new life, unique, special, unsure.

We are all a part of Hashem’s great family,

And so we all join to welcome him.


We are your world, we are your children.

We are the ones who show you how

To love the life you’re living.

Hashem chose us as his glorious design.

We’ll make this world a better place

For you and me.


Give them your hand,

And let them show you what they see.

Let them share that special warmth from inside.

And though you think

You’re giving them your heart,

In the end, it’s you who have received.

(We are your world...)


When it seems so hard,

You’ll know it’s all worthwhile,

If you just believe that simple trust and smile.

Let’s realize that Moshiach’s gonna come,

With the help of children like this one.

(We are your world...)


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Reachin' Out

(B. Joel/ D. Golding/ S. Rockoff/ S. Stefansky)


Anthony searching and hoping to find,

A Yid who's religious and friendly.

Someone to talk to and settle his mind,

To be wanted is better than lonely.

So, won’t you get involved and bring him back?

He's gotta know right now.

Coming to shul, but hiding in the back,

Aaron needs more than your money.


So, won't you open your heart,

‘Cause that's what it's all about.

Come on, now don't give him up

'Cause he's reachin' out.

He's reachin' out. Take his hand. Understand.


Debbie, she wants to bentch licht Friday night,

So why don't you teach her the bracha,

Shabbos is always the time to invite

People living so far from mishpacha.

Now, this will be the chance

We need to bring her back,

She's gotta know right now.

Tell her that her questions are right on track.

Devorah needs you to befriend her


So, won't you open your heart,

Cause that's what it's all about

Tell her you'll keep reachin' up

When she's reachin' out.

Yeah, she's reachin' out.

Let her know. Tell her so.


Aaron and Devorah have come a long way,

Now they are planning their chupah.

Dozens of new things to learn everyday,

But they want to know the halachah.

They have so many questions on their minds,

They gotta know right now.

You can talk on the phone with them overtime,

And that is the greatest tzedakah.


So, won't you open your heart,

Show them what you're all about.

Come on, now, just keep it up

'Cause they're reachin' out.

Yeah, they're reachin' out.

You should be there. I'll be there.


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Top Of The Bimah

(J. Bettis/ R. Carpenter/S. Stefansky)

Something seems so different in the air.
I just can’t believe that day is drawing near.

As far back as I recall, ever since I was so small,

My Bar Mitzvah day I’ve planned and I’ve prepared.

Everything I hoped that life would be

Is now coming true, especially for me.

All the mitzvos are now mine

And my role is redefined,

Hearing “Mazel Tov” from everyone I see.


I’m at the top of the bimah,

Looking at the congregation

And the greatest explanation I can find

Is that my time has finally come

For Bar Mitzvah I’ve become,

And that puts me at the top of the world.


Putting on my tfillin, I’m in awe.

This great mitzvah for me is now the law.

Yes, my childhood has passed. I am a man at last,

And I read my haftorah without a flaw.


I feel a whole new life about to start.

I’m an adult now and plan to play the part.

For a minyan count me in,

Now my future will begin

With the joy of my Bar Mitzvah in my heart.

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One Thin Story

(D. Lambert/ B. Potter/ S. Stefansky/G. Veroba)


Listen, children to a story,

Rather strange, but sadly true,

About a man who wears a kippah,

Prays three times a day, like you.

When he drives to work each morning

Something quickly seems to change,

When it comes down to his business,

Anything can be arranged.


Go ahead and fool your neighbor,

Go ahead and cheat a friend.

Do it in the name of heaven,

You can justify it in the end.

I don't where you think you're going,
Come the judgment day.

When it comes down to your wallet,

All that's honest fades away.


So my children, you may wonder,

Though it seems hard to believe

That a man who looks so honest,

Is a man who could deceive.

Can't afford to pay tuition,

“Teachers have to understand.”

Paying off a sky-high mortgage,

Then we'll go to Disneyland.

(Go ahead and fool …)


Borrows money from his neighbor,

Buys a Lexus to display.

When he files Chapter 11,

“It's only business, it's OK.”

So, dear children, listen closely

To this very sound advice:

Greed and money will not lead you

Down the road to Paradise.

(Go ahead and fool …)


Go ahead and love your neighbor,

Go ahead and help a friend.

Do it in the name of heaven,

You’ll appreciate it in the end.

Remember our destination,
Come the judgment day.
When it comes down to your money,
Don’t throw honesty away.


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Husband And Wife
I Wanna Hold my Land
Od Yishoma
Candle in The Night
Masechta #5
Everlasting Love
Homeward Bound
In The Middle of the Night
The Greatest Gift Of All
Ain't Gonna Work When The Sun Goes Down

Husband And Wife

(M. Martin/ B. T. Littrell/ K. Lundin/ Y.M. Golding/ C. Srulowitz)


Walking to the chupa

As chosson and kallah, alright!

It took five months of waiting

To be finally ready for this night.

Music and flowers, everything feels right.


All those people came to see, came to see,

The wedding night that made it all reality.

The chosson says “Harei Aht Mekudeshes Li”

And that makes them husband and wife.


Looking at the crowd

All dancing in the hall, c’mon!

Wishing that the guests are

All having a ball, c’mon!

Hear the glass shatter, shout “Mazel Tov...”

(All those people…)

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I Wanna Hold my Land

(J. Lennon/ P. McCartney/ G. Veroba)


Oh, Yasir, I'll tell you somethin'

I doubt you'll understand.

My home's Yerushalayim

I wanna hold my land.


I wanna hold my land

Don't wanna lose my land.


Oh, please, say to me

You'll take back your demand.

Then please let me be,

I wanna hold my land.


I wanna hold my land

Don't wanna lose my land.


And when I shake your hand

I wonder inside.

It’s such a feeling, I can’t tell

What you hide, what you hide, what you hide.


Oh, please say to me,

Please say you'll understand,

My home's Yerushalayim

I wanna hold my land.


I wanna hold my land

Don't wanna lose my land.


Oh, Yasir is to me like Pharoah or Ha-man.

When he comes to me,

Unshaved and with a plan...


I wanna hold my land.

Don't wanna lose my land.

I wanna hold my land.


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Od Yishoma

(R. Rosa/ D. Child/ D. Hamelech)

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Candle in The Night

(E. John/ B. Taupin/ C. Srulowitz/ G. Veroba)


Goodbye, brother dear,

Though I never knew you so well,

You had a grace all to yourself,

That those around you felt.

We all stopped and listened.

When you whispered your melody,

You were my holy brother,

You were reaching out to me.


And it seems to me,

You lived your life like a candle in the night,

With the melodies and the stories

That still shine so bright.

And that’s how we got to know you,

The sweetest of them all.

Your candle burns bright in our hearts,

a legend evermore.


Opened up your home and your heart

To all who came to see

The man who went around the world

And how the legend came to be.

You led your people singing

And, to this day, your songs don’t skip a beat

We see them as more than musical.

Mamash, “sweeter than the sweet.”

(And it seems to me…)


Goodbye, brother dear,

Though I never knew you so well,

You had a grace all to yourself,

That those around you felt.

Goodbye, Rebbe Shlomo,
From the young and also from the old

Our children have learned to love you, too,

From the stories they’ve been told.

(And it seems to me…)

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(D. P. Prado/ L. Bega/ Zippy/ E. Rachaim/ G. Veroba)


1,2,3,4,5… the days go by but I still must try

keeping up with the daf is too big a fight

My eyes just close when I learn at night

Early in the morning don’t make it any better

It all becomes a blur down to the last letter

Zeraim, Moed, Nashim, Nezikin,

Kodshim, Taharos

no time until the weekend!

But I can’t give it up and not learn at all

That wouldn’t be too good, I’d feel pretty small.

So I try real hard and focus my attention,

Making sense of the Talmud’s question.

A little bit o’ Brachos in a shiur

A little bit o’ Shabbos in a shul that’s near

A little Menachos on the phone

A little Megillah when I get home

A little bit o’ Basrah works the brain

A little bit o’ Yuma on the train

A little bit of Artscroll, CD-ROM

A little Moed Katton, then I’ll move on.

Jump up and down, I completed the blatt

Shake my head in disbelief,

cause I seemed to learn a lot

It comes every day, all year long,

It brightens up my life and

makes my mind feel strong

I learn a daf once, I learned a daf twice,

I learned to be strict and it turned out nice

A little bit o’ Taanis in a shiur

A little bit o’ Kesubos is good to hear

A little bit o’ Chulin, so I’ll know

A little Baba Kama and the rest will flow

A little Chagiga seems enough

A little bit of Eruvin can be tough

A little Sanhedrin with my friend

We’ll finish up with Niddah,

then we’ll start again

A little bit o’ Brachos in a shiur

A little bit o’ Shabbos in a shul that’s near

A little Menachos on the phone

A little Megillah when I get home

A little bit o’ Basrah works the brain

A little bit o’ Yuma on the train

A little Sanhedrin with my friend

We’ll finish up with Niddah, then we’ll start again

I am just like you,

got myself a job and a schedule, too.

You can run life on the fly.

Learn everyday, you’ll find the time.

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Everlasting Love

(B. Cason/ M. Gayden/ E. Rechaim/ G.Veroba)


We go astray, leaving faith when we go.

We turn away when Hashem we need you so.

Filled with regret, we come back, begging You,

“Forgive, forget. Where's the love we once knew?”


Open up your eyes, then we'll realize,

There you are with true everlasting love.

Need you by our side, take us all in stride,

Don’t want to be denied everlasting love.

Give us a new start, open up our hearts,

Again to be a part of everlasting love.

We go astray, leaving faith when we go.

We turn away when Hashem we need you so.

Filled with regret, we come back. Yes, we do,

“Forgive, forget. Where's the love we once knew?”

(Open up our eyes…)


When we become good friends, our differences will end,

And so we will be sent everlasting love

Our nation will then shine, no longer will we pine

For just another sign of Your eternal love

When other loves are gone, ours will still be strong

We have our very own everlasting love.

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Homeward Bound

(P. Simon/ E. Rachaim)


I’m sittin’ in the subway station,

Manhattan is my destination.

Traveling on that dirty train,

Each day I live is much the same.

And I think, “what can I gain,

Living in this endless game?”


Homeward bound,

I wish I was homeward bound.

Home to Yerushalayirn,

Home, where my heart is lying,

Home, where my destiny waits silently for me

Every day’s an endless stream

Of disappointment, broken dreams.

And each day looks the same to me,

Assembly lines and factories.

And every strangers face I see

Reminds me that I long to be…

(Homeward bound…)


Tonight I’ll sing sad songs again,

Lament this world of pretend.

And all my words come back to me,

This life of mediocrity.

Like emptiness and harmony,

I need Hashem to comfort me

(Homeward bound…)

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In The Middle of the Night

(B. Joel/ E. Rachaim/ G. Veroba)

In the middle of the night

I awaken from my sleep,

From my comfy soft bed,

To the ice cold street.

The dispatcher said something,

Some kind of call with a code.

So I jumped out of bed,

Raced my car down the road.


And even though I know there’ll be others

Racing to the scene and saving those lives,

I try to be the very first to respond

To the Hatzolah call,

So I can help ‘em survive…


In the middle of the night.

Though I’m hoping for more sleep,

I’m too tired for fear.

I hold on to my dreams,

Cause I'm responding to something,

Something deep in my soul,

And now it’s making me choose

A job that makes you feel whole


I don't know how I got stuck in this spot,

But I'm committed

And now I don't think anymore.

And so it won't take the rest of my life

Until I find what it is I’ve been living for.


In the middle of the night,

When a woman can’t breathe,

The family’s shaking in fright,

But all’s fine when we leave.

And there’s a man with some chest pain,

Something so undefined,

It can only be treated

By the deeds of the kind,

In the middle of the night.


I believe, with all the people we help,

That every mitzvah we do

Will always earn a reward.

But I won’t even be waiting that long.

I just think of the people

And my faith is restored.


In the middle of the night,

I awaken from my sleep,

From my comfy soft bed,

To the ice cold street.

I use a hydrant for parking,

The other side of the road.

Got my siren and my lights,

And I’m ready to roll,

In the middle of the night.

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The Greatest Gift Of All

(L. Creed/ M. Masser/ T. Shoshani)


I believe the children are our future.

Teach them well and let them lead the way,

Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier,

Let the children's laughter

remind us how it used to be.

I believe the children are our future.

Let them grow as each one finds his way,

Every child has something special deep inside.

Help him to feel that pride.

Treat him with tenderness,

Step-by-step and he will see,

This world is a safe place to be.

I believe that, long ago,

Hashem made plans for every soul.

Each neshoma can succeed,

It's special role has been decreed.

Loved and cherished,

Softly shown,

A gentle way that's all his own.

Because the greatest gift of all

Is the easiest to give.

Show them the joy they bring

Every moment that you live.

These are children searching for our true love,

Help them grow as each one find the way.

Every child has something special deep inside,

Help them to find a place filled with dignity.

See the smiling faces,

A dream fulfilled for you and me.

(I believe that long ago…)

Show them the magic

You bring to them each day.

Because the magic of HASC Will always light the way.

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Ain't Gonna Work When The Sun Goes Down

(K. Williams/ G. Brooks/ K. Blazy/ C. Srulowitz/G. Veroba)


One o’clock  Friday noon,

Everybody’s leaving soon.

Put the business stuff away,

Preparing for the holy day.

Finished all the memos,

say good-bye to clientele.

Activated voice-mail,

Does the job just as well,

Paper’s in the fax machine,

Office, desk and floors are clean,

People running ‘round,

Getting ready for the Shabbos Queen.


Two o’clock and work is ending,

Board meeting, not attending.

Market’s up, your broker’s waiting,

Tell him now you’re finished trading.

Call the house, I won’t be late

Picked up flowers on the way.

Close the office, lock the door,

go down to the first floor.

Drive the car, lift the gate,

Everything will have to wait.

You’re finished for the week, now,

Sundown is at 6:08!


Ain’t gonna work when the sun goes down,

Ain’t giving in, my feet are on the ground.

Shabbos is here, don’t wanna fool around,

Ain’t gonna work when the sun goes down!


Ten to three, it doesn’t matter,

Slow down on the corporate ladder.

Three o’clock, they come a-knocking,

Office closed, they find it shocking.

Must reschedule, not to worry,

Talk on Monday, got to hurry!

Four o’clock, I’ll hit the highway,

Half and hour, in the driveway.

(Ain’t gonna work…)


Eight o’clock, Shabbos Day,

A giant meal is on it’s way.

Clean the house for special guests,

Dressed up in our Shabbos best.

Table-cloth, starched white cotton,

All your worries, just forgotten.

Time for family and friends,

Here we are again!

(Ain’t gonna work…)

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Eitz Chaim
Same World
Lucky Fingers Max
Modeh Ani
V'nahafoch Hu
Turn It Around
Ki Heim
Sof Davar
VH Reprise

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Same World
(Gershon Veroba)

Looking at my hand, it’s clear it works the same each  day.
I open my fingers to reach, I close them to take away.
It seems so small at first, but really it’s not so simple at all.
Each finger must move with the other, the same as from brother to brother.
Together, you see, that we are as different as two people can be,
but standing and waiting in the same line.

Can’t we try to change this world together,
until that day comes when we can travel home? 
You and I, two wheels on a car that move with each other,
two different sides but the same direction, living in the same world.

People can live afraid. We all have the right to walk on our own,
with fear as the ground underneath, leaving our trust at home.
But now I can set you free, since you’ve been dreaming the same as me.
Let’s show we can all dream together. In peace we could see much better.


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Turn It Around
(Gershon Veroba)

When the earth was created the word came down
"Take this world and turn it around."
Now our glorious globe is in motion,
So give me more. Can’t more meaning be found?
If the science of nature is all that you see
It’s the message you’re missing..the forest for the trees.

It’s no mystery how through history
We survive with gifts of the mind,
So the sparks fly up and the suffering comes
But you heal with wisdom and time.
You can take what you’ve got, making more of yourself,
Then just show how you’re growing to somebody else.

As you come to the peak of the mountain
There’s an Eden that’s waiting for you.
You can turn it around for your people to see,
You can show them the door, you can give them the key.
Our destination’s getting closer,
So as you reach for the lock on the door,
You can turn it around, you can open your life,
You can sing a new song from the music inside.

Fix a bridge you’ve burned with a lesson learned
Teach yourself that ruins can rise.
Asking questions and finding the answers
Can inspire generations to try.
But you spin and you spin, you don’t even know why.
Show your lessons to someone and walk by their side and…
(As you come to the peak of the mountain…)

You have chances to serve much more than you,
Grab the ring on the merry-go-round
Those powerful clouds will surround you,
So rise up and never look down.
It’s a heavenly direction without any end.
You’re spiraling upwards and bring a friend and…
(As you come to the peak of the mountain…)

…You can dance a new dance with the circle you make
If you take what you get up ahead
And turn it around instead.

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I’m A Believer
I Will Teach You More Than That
Shabbos Day in the Park
The Next Flight
Blue And White
Change Your Words
Purim Basket-Case
That’s What Praying Is
The Night Before
Late in the Evening
Tzur (to be added soon)
Shiru Lanu (to be added soon)
Hayam (to be added soon)

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I’m A Believer
(N. Diamond/S. Rockoff/ G. Veroba)

I thought Torah was a holy fairy tale
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Religion wouldn't trap me,
I let my freedom ring.
Following the rules
Was not my thing.

Then I found my place,
Now I'm in Yeshiva.
Special space,
Never thought I would find.
Look at me!
I'm a believer, in a Yeshiva,
I've got pride.

I thought Torah living was a waste of time.
I was just a non-believing Jew.
“What's the use in praying?
It didn't ease the pain,”
But now I feel the power of “OMEIN!!!”
('Cause I found my place... )

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I Will Teach You More Than That
(Franciz & LePont/ A. Anders/ L. Solomon/ G. Veroba)

The rebbe saw that we were trying
And he told us with a smile
I see you’ve really been applying
Our words that are so gold

I know that all of you are clever
Now take the Torah that you know
Remember that it is forever
It will keep the Jews alive

And the truth keeps out the lies
Oh, I will teach you more than that
You can help the world and change the facts
Don’t say you won’t take the chance
If you listen to the things I say
I will teach you more than that
I taught you daily in Yeshiva
You got real good at catching on.
I said the Torah is forever,
The learning never ends
And the Torah never bends.

(Oh, I will teach…)

Every single day we’ve tried
To connect the wonders found inside
In this place the pages bind
Our hand with those of days gone by.

(Oh, I will teach…)

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Shabbos Day in the Park
(R. Lamm / S. Rockoff/ G.Veroba)

Shabbos day, Friday night,
I see the sun go down in the sky.
Burn away, candlelight,
I hear my mother blessing on high.
People standing, people listening…
“Shalom Aleichem,” singing a Jewish song.
We say Borei Pri Hagafen,
Can you “Kiddush?” (Yes, I can!)
And we’ll be singing for a long time on Saturday.

Shabbos day, through the park,
We walk to where we pray, sanctify.
Shabbos day, the open ark,
We read the Torah and testify.
People coming , people going…
Bless before and after (Adon Olam…Adon Olam),
And sing familiar songs.
Some need help, “how strange the words!
Can you read it?” (Yes, I can)
The rabbi's speaking such a long time on Shabbos day.
Slow sermonizer, with the message of the day.
A wise man, who still can teach us all the proper way.
“Listen Yidden, all is not lost, all is not lost.”

Shabbos day, in the park,
Everyone looks so dignified.
Hear them say the day's remark,
“Shabbat Shalom,” “Gut Shabbes” is fine.
Children playing, people smiling…
A weekly celebration waiting for us all.
We SHAMOR it and ZACHOR it.
Can you keep it? (Yes, I can)
And I’ve been waiting such a long time for Shabbos day.

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(M. White/ C. Stepney / V. White/ S. Rockoff)

Do you remember
S'lichos at night in September
We were changing our minds, every member
Preparing for Judgement Day.

Our hearts were ringing
In the key our Neshomos were singing
As a choir in the night, remember
How we prayed for a brighter day.

“Lishmo'a…” Say, do you remember
“El Harina…” S'lichos in September
“V'el Hat'fila…” T'shuva, we return this way
It is essential
That we daven with hearts penitential
With a feeling of sorrow, remember,
To Hashem, looking down from above.

Now December,
As we light the Menorah, remember,
Special night that we shared in September:
“Forgive us, Hashem, show us love.” (Lishmo'a…)

Our hearts were ringing.
“Yachad,” our Neshomos were singing.
Altogether, praying for a brighter day.

“Lishmo'a…” -- Say, do you remember
“El Harina…” -- S'lichos in September
“V'el Hat'fila…” – Praying for a brighter day.
(The shofar blows our sins away.)

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The Next Flight
(N. Diamond/ B. Bacharach/ C. Bayer-Sager/ G. Veroba)

Come back again
For a longer stay next time
Cause nowadays the world ain’t kind
Our people got lost, like you and me.

We’re family and friends
And Israel’s a place in need.
We’re sorry you had to go away
So please hear the words our people say.

Get on the next flight,
You will find you already know
The Holy land’s the place to go
And all the world should see.

Get on the next flight
to the nation of our ancient dreams
No time could be too soon
So just take a ride, we’ll make some room.
You will see.

You’re looking for your home
Cause every Jew has their place.
And the Holy land is the place to dwell
Our fathers were here, the Torah tells me. (Get on…)

The Holyland’s the best place of all
I know I can hear the Kotel call me.

Turn on your seat light,
And read a story of our nation’s dreams,
No time could be too soon.
So just take a ride, we’ll make some room,
You will see.
Get on the next flight now.
Get on the next flight now.

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Blue And White
(M.Jackson/ B. Bottrell/L. Solomon/ G. Veroba)

I took a plane ride on a Saturday night
The 52nd time I’ve taken this flight
But it really is a miracle
When I think of where we’re travelin tonight

It’s nothing but amazing
When I see the flag of Blue and White

I put my message in the crack in the wall
Because I’m asking Him to please help us all
I want to see some unity
“A Jew, whether you’re left or you’re right.”

It really is amazing
When I see the flag of Blue and White

I am crying to Heaven, I am saying “enough”
Forget about our own interests. Times are getting rough

“Every Jew is our brother.” Remember that when you meet.
Got to love one another. Move forward, never retreat

Our Nation
Here for the duration
Got to work on our human relations,
Not a turf war. That’s not why we’re here,
This is our home for two thousand years,

And it ain’t where hate lives,
But where your place and fate is.
Where God says you’re from.
And through his graces,
This is where we’ll stay.
I’m not gonna spend my life running away.

I want some solidarity
This nation’s meant to be yours and mine
It really is amazing
When I see the flag of Blue and White.

(And I…)Remember those who sacrificed
to raise the flag of Blue and White.
(So, when...)We’re walking up Fifth Avenue
I’m holding up the Blue and White

(Me and..)
My sisters and my brothers
Sing Hatikvah to the Blue and White

It’s Blue It’s White
It’s up to you and me
To keep the Blue and White.
Yeah, yeah, yeah…

“Am Yisroel Chai”
“Od Avinu Chai”
Yeah, yeah, yeah…

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Change Your Words
(T. Sims/ G. Kenney/ W. Kirkpatrick/ L. Solomon/ G. Veroba)

Wish I could teach your heart, “don’t judge your fellow Jew”
When minds are far apart we don’t agree, it’s true.
Please don’t ask me to confide, just to let off some steam.
We’ve got to keep in mind our future plans and dreams.

You can change your words.
We could be a light to guide the universe.
You’d be spreading love, we’d all be all feeling good
Maybe, if you could change your words.

If my phone should ring, I’ll watch the things I say.
I’ll keep the slate real clean in each and every way.
Mashiach then can rule in the kingdom we have made .
‘Til then it’s only fools that keep us from that day.

But you can change the words,
And make us all a light to guide the universe.
You’d be spreading love, we’d all be feeling good,
Maybe if you could change your words,

Only if we could change our words,
We can save the world.
If we become the light to guide the universe,
We could spread the love, we’d all be all feeling good.
Maybe now I should change my words.
Maybe then we could save the world,
Maybe, if you could change your words

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Purim Basket-Case
(M. Dirnt/ B. Joe/ Tre Cool/ L. Solomon/ G. Veroba)

Once upon a time we drank a little wine
But drinking now is anything but fun.
I am one of those young, restless teenage Jews
And something must be done to stop the habits.


I want to live, I’m not a geek
Don’t mind if you make fun of me
I got my mind made up,
I’m only growing up,
So, rather than avoid, I’ll just say “no!”


I now refuse to drink, and drugs are out of sync
It’s never worth it if they’re running me down.
Just take it from the drawer, don’t buy or sell no more.
The ones that do, nobody wants ‘em around.


Now, I got G-d in me for keeps,
My friends will help if I’m in too deep.
I just need to grow up, I can’t be throwing up
So rather than avoid, I’ll just say “no!”


Taking full control, so you better move on. (I want to live…)


You can have Hashem for free, for keeps
Your friends will help if your in too deep
It’s time for growing up, don’t waste time throwing up!
Avoid being a VOID, and just say “no!”

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That’s What Praying Is
(M. Martin/ K. Lundin/ A. Carlsson/ L. Solomon)

In a greedy time when we go for glory
We can sometimes forget our roots, yeah
Gotta make the climb to another story
Then I know God will come to you, yeah


Just remember where we’ve been, put you’re thoughts above.

When you come before G-d, and you need to reach out,
When you’re ready to grow, there can be no more doubt.
Don’t give up on your faith, G-d always knows, just believe it,
And that’s what praying is.


When your questioning and you can’t find answers,
Don’t go throwing your life away, no.
See the history, as it comes together,
If we just take the time to pray, yeah (Just remember…)


Don’t need money, don’t have to borrow,
G-d always accepts the call .
Don’t you hurry, stay until tomorrow
‘Cause praying can conquer it all. (When you come...)

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The Night Before

(J. Lennon / P. McCartney / G. Veroba)

We make candle light
Beginning with the night
When the day comes near,
Remember every year

Jewish days begin the night before.When the time is right
You can say goodbye
So, we end the time
with candle, spice and wine. (Jewish days...)

Moonlight is the light we base our calendar by
And if our day begins asleep, we miss the start so why…

Can’t we love our lives?
A gift before our eyes.
Celebrate your day
when it comes your way. (Jewish days...)

Can’t we live our lives,
The way we know is right?
Celebrate the daywhen it comes your way.

Jewish days begin the night before.

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Late in the Evening
(P. Simon/ G. Veroba)


First thing I remember I was dressed up in a suit,
I couldn’t have been no more than 3 or 4.
My 1st wedding was at the Statler, a Hilton in Manhattan,
In the ballroom I stood frozen at the door.
Cause it was late in the evening, and the music shook the floor.


Next thing I remember, I was walking down the street.
I’m hangin’ out, I’m with my boys, I’m with my Chevra.
And from a neighbor’s garage, I heard a musical barrage,
It was drums, accordion and guitar with “wah-wah.”
And it was late in the evening, and they practiced “Od Yishoma.”.


Then I learned to sing into a mic, it was the day & age when people liked
Revival, Sherwood, Shlomo and Pirchei.
I pretended each night in my room, no mike stand, so I used a broom
And sang the songs real loud as the records played.
So I practiced every evening, then I threw that broom away.


First thing I remember when Jewish music hit my life,
I said “I’m gonna get that gig, no matter what I do.”
I was worried about how good I’d be, if I could only play six days a week
And they said I couldn’t learn the scales and torah, too.
Now I play in the evenings to a thousand dancing Jews.

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This Shul’s Not Made For Talking
500 miles
Happy Together
It’s All Meshugas to Me
Goin’ Out To Daven
The Leader of the Band
Shabbos Queen
I Will Survive
The Coladas
Ketchup On Your Hebrew

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This Shul’s Not Made For Talking

(L. Hazelwood, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


Folks are prayin’ in our shul every Shabbos,

Or any day, just come and take a seat,

Holidays, or just to catch a minyan,

But leave your conversations in the street.


This Shul’s not made for talking,

But that’s what you do,

One of these days our Rabbi’s gonna walk on up to you.


You can come in and bring family with you,

And we will always have a place for your friends,

But don’t come here with gossip or discussion, no…

Go shmooze outside, but only at the end…


This Shul’s not made for talking,

But that’s what you do,

One of these days our Rabbi’s gonna walk on up to you.


You can walk in with your own intentions,

So when we ask for quiet, you may not believe

That in this house of worship, we mean business, yeah

But the gabbai’s big, and he will help you leave.


This Shul’s not made for talking,

If that’s what you’ll do,

Then one of these days our Rabbi’s gonna have enough of you.

Are you here to daven?  Then STOP TALKIN’!!

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500 miles

(C. &C. Reid, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


When I wake up, I will pack 100 bags,

Of my belongings and a bathing suit or two,

Then I’ll load it, in the back of my old van,

Get my family and I’ll head out with the crew.


I’ll be going, to the bungalow I own,

Out in the wilderness, out somewhere on the range,

On the journey, I will stop 100 times,

And fill my tank with every little bit of change.


But I would drive 500 miles,

And I would drive 500 more,

Just to be in Woodburne, living in a

run-down shack with a ripped screen door.


With a smile, and a load of sun protection,

I’ll be leaving all the comforts of my home,

I’ll be going to the land of the mosquitoes,

where the skunks and all their folks are free to roam


Every Friday, I’ll be fighting all the traffic, 

just to end up sitting on Route 42,

And Verizon, will have interrupted service,

while my wife will try forever to get through

But I would drive …



When I get there, I will squash my seven kids

into a room that’s made to barely fit just two,

And we’ll stock up, we’ll clean all the shelves in Wal Mart, 

then we’ll sit and wait for Shabbos Nachamu!


When my inlaws invite themselves for Shabbos,

I’ll be giving up the comforts of my bed,

I’ll be sleeping in the kitchen with the light on,

With the chulent pot just inches from my head.

With the chulent pot just inches from my head.


But I would drive …


And I would drive


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Happy Together

(A. Gordon, G. Bonner, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


Imagine seeing you, I do

I think about you day and night, it’s only right,

To think about the place you love, a holy site,


And when I come to you, stand by your stones,

I feel your love eternally, I’m not alone,

You’ll always be the place for me, my only home,


I can’t bear my life when I’m not close to you,

I don’t feel right,

When I’m near you, all of my dreams are in view,

You are my light.

Me and you, and you and me,

No matter what the others say,

It’s meant to be

I’ll stand beside you all my life, so faithfully,


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It’s All Meshugas to Me

(B. Joel, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


What’s the matter with the Kiddush I’m giving

Can’t you tell that your cake’s too dry,

Maybe I should just eliminate the kugel,

Well, in our shul, you’d better not try!


Where have you been hiding out lately, sonny,

You can’t give a Kiddush til’ you spend a lot of money,

Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout the right foods, funny,

But it’s all Mishegas to me…


What’s the matter with the chulent I’m serving,

Can’t you tell that its got no meat,

Maybe I should serve some cole slaw and salad,

That would look like you were trying to cheat,

Borrow money from your family pushka,

And serve four kugels with a healthy slice of kishka,

Potato, rice, lukshin twice, one sweet, one spice,

All a Mishegas to me!

Oh, it doesn’t matter what they serve at a Kiddush

It’ll always be the same old thing,

Your wife is gonna deal an entire Shabbos meal

And you’d better savor everything,

I’m sure you know what I mean…

Have some wine, or some Shnapps for Kiddush,

Don’t you know that I only use scotch,

Forget Red Label, just go with the green one,

Or the Blue, if it’s not too much

Plain gefilte fish is not very daring,

Your best bet would be twelve types of herring,

Cream cakes, potato knishes, table cloths, hot dishes

All a Mishegas to me

What’s the matter with the Kiddush I’m giving,

Can’t you see that the place is too tight,

Don’t you know you need at least 10 tables

If you have 80  men to invite

Nowadays, you gotta be very cautious,

Pick the wrong food and your guests will be nauseous,

Right food, right place, scotch and bourbon by the case

It’s all a Mishegas to me

Everybody’s talkin’ bout the food at the Kiddush,

But it’s all Mishegas to me!

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Goin’ Out To Daven

(R.J. Lange, S. Twain, C. Srulowitz)

(performed by Larry Gates)

I wake me up at five, feelin’ half alive,

Don’t wanna get out of bed,

Gotta go to work, It’s gonna be bezerk

Strange buzzing noise in my head,

Feeling really stressed, Gonna get me dressed

Gotta look like I’m feelin’ fine..

Tallis in my hand,  Jump into my van,

So I could get to Shachrit on time…

The best thing about being a Yid is

The opportunity to pray every day,

Uh, uh oh, I’m understanding, Life is demanding,

Being a Jew, things to do

Uh, uh, oh, Three times a day, I make time to pray,

Uh, uh oh, It’s my connection, to G-d’s affection,

Prayer each day, home or away

Uh uh oh, I wanna go daven , Yeah,

To feel the way I feel,

Yeah, I’m headin’ out to daven

My bones, oh how they ache, I try to stay awake,

I need to wash the day from my head,

Too many obligations, silly complications,

One more thing to do before bed,

The best thing about being a Yid is

The opportunity to pray every day,

Uh, uh oh, I’m understanding, Life is demanding,

Being a Jew, things to do

Uh, uh, oh, Three times a day, I make time to pray,

Uh, uh oh, It’s my connection, to G-d’s affection,

A prayer each day, home or away

Uh uh oh, I wanna go daven , Yeah,

To feel the way I feel,

Yeah, I’m headin’ out to daven

Alternate Second Paragraph

But I know what I need, just like every Yid,

It wakes me up and makes me feel whole,

I stop in my tracks, feel my strength come back,

Take the time to feed my soul

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The Leader of the Band

(D. Fogelberg, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


As heaven smiles a gifted child becomes a leading man,

Composer and performer too, every key at his command.

He played his songs, then moved along and now he’s gone away

But he gave us all a gift of notes we never can re-play.


A quiet man of music, his life, his soul, his fate,

His Ruach and his harmonies took him far beyond the state

The keyboard and the drums were played by nimble, rhythmic hands

His music spoke a language any heart could understand


The leader of the band is gone

And the ivories all are cold

Cause his love moved through his instruments

And his music moved our souls

His life was just a rich attempt

To bring joy to every man

This song’s a living legacy

To the leader of the band


The leader’s days were different as he answered every call.

He’d even give free time to play and he wished to play them all.

So every child of Mitzvah and every groom and bride,

Had their chance to hear the melodies that he stored up deep inside.


I thank you for the music (that you taught me, by the way)

I thank you for the smile you wore when it came our time to play

I thank you for the jokes and laughs, even when the times got rough

And Ira, I don’t think we said “we love you” near enough…

(The leader…)


We’re all a living legacy

To the leader of the band.

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Shabbos Queen

(B. Anderson, E. Stimler, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


You can sing, you can pray

Oh, what a beautiful day

See that light-watch that  scene

Welcome the Shabbos queen


Friday night and the candles glow

Your favorite shul’s the place to GO

A holy day for resting,

A gift for me and you

We’ll bring a guest or two


Anybody can be that guy

Making kiddish on a glass of wine

Zemiros is the music, everything’s divine

Watching the children dance

Each week we get the chance



All for the Shabbos queen

Every week,  it’s a holy scene

Shabbos queen,the atmosphere is like a dream

Oh yeah (You can sing…)


The busy week has come and gone

Candles burning  - the blech is on

Torah AND Prayer, either one WILL DO

We’re in the mood to dance

Each week we get the chance

(All for the Shabbos queen…)

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I Will Survive

(D. Fekaris, F. Perren, E. Stimler, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


At first, I was afraid, I was petrified,

Kept thinking I would  have no time, no matter how I tried,

I’d never make those Seder Nights, everything was going wrong,

But I grew strong, and I learned how to  move along,


My smile was back, back on my face,

I got a cleaning crew to come to me and straighten up the place,

And so that energetic trio went from room to room with me,

‘Til every  corner of my house was absolutely Chometz-free,


But then I froze  I got the news

He invited all the in-laws, and I almost blew a fuse,

I don’t know how to use a pot, I couldn’t cook to save my life

If they’re expecting to be fed, he’d better find another wife.


Now I know I’ll be alright,

So long as I  got cash,

We’ll have a Seder Pesach Night,

I got a number from the book,

I hired two people  who can cook,

So I’ll survive, I will survive..


It took all the strength I had not to fall apart,

When I saw those empty closets, it just broke my heart,

I just spent oh so many nights arranging Pesach all alone,

Then I forgot about the clothing , I  almost ran away from home,


But you’ll see me, somebody new.

I’m not that workaholic person, who’s as tired as you,

I just grabbed all of your credit cards and drove to Bloomingdales,

And they thanked Hashem for Pesach, as they rang up all  the sales,

And now I know   just how it’s done,

I can handle any Holiday, and so can anyone,

You could have guests who want to move in, forty-seven at a time,

You’d think I’d crumble, but everything will be just fine,


Cuz’ now I know, I’ll be all right,

So long as I can spend the cash

There’ll be a Yom Tov Night,

I will handle any guest, dressed up in my Yom Tov best

So I’ll survive, I will survive.


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The Coladas

(R. Holmes (D. Goldstein), C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


It was right before the Shabbos

When our baby arrived,

After having four sons now, our little daughter made five,

Mr. & Mrs. Colada will now have one child more.

I told my wife what I named her,

She almost fell on the floor.


I said, “Peninah Colada” up at the Torah in Shul,

I didn’t think for a moment, ‘cause the name was so cool,

My list had 12 amazing boys’ names, all hand-picked by my mate,

But now I’m going to suffer, for such a silly mistake.


Now don’t you jump to no conclusions, they told me they were so sure,

That this would be another boy now, just like the cute little sons I had before,

Tell me, what were you thinking, my lovely wife still complains

That poor baby did nothing to have deserved such a name


You said “Peninah Colada” up at the Torah in shul,

You didn’t think about the future, you thought the name was so cool,

You should have stopped the rabbi there and then, say “I must che ck with my wife,

Or else I’m going to suffer, and for the rest of my life.


Standing underneath the Chupah, on her happiest day,

I looked across to my daughter,

And she had something to say,

I’m so happy to be here, but one thing is a shame,

Of all the things I’ll be changing, I’ll miss my… old last name!


She loved Peninah Colada, she said it right there in shul

My wife now sees the future, and that the name’s really cool,

I named my little girl Peninah then, without the help of my wife,

Now I’m going to remind her, for the rest of her life!


We love Peninah Colada, and her brothers agree,

Because the whole Colada family loves each other, you see

My little girl has got a husband now, and she will make a great wife

A new home and a family, for the rest of her life!

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Ketchup On Your Hebrew

(M. Ruiz, C. Srulowitz, G. Veroba)


Long ago when I was three

My Rebbe taught me how to read

The words from a Chumash or Sid-dur,

He said “these are sounds to know

Say it loud and say it slow,

Pay attention to every letter.”

He taught me Kumutz and the Patach

And the Tzerey and the Segol

The Melupin,  the Sh’vah and the Cholem,

Then I learned about the Shuruk,

And I memorized the Chirik.

I studied hard so I’d surely know them

Let me show ya, it’s so easy, you can join me


We sing the Uh, the Ah,  the Ay & the Eh 

and then the Ooh, and the Ih, and the Oh and the Eee

Come on and sing the sounds and letters with me

We sing the Uh, the Ah,  the Ay & the Eh

and we’ll continue with the Ooh, the Ih, the Oh, the Eee

It’s just as easy as counting to three!

We sing the Uh, the Ah,  the Ay & the Eh

then the Ooh, the Ih, the Oh, the Eee, c’mon ev’rybody

It’s so simple you can try it and see!


My little boy is turning three,

He asked to read the words with me,

He got his first Chumash and Sid-dur,

I sat him down and proudly said,

You’re gonna learn it like your dad,

We’ll study every night, now together,

We’ll read the Kumutz and the Patach

And the Tzerey and the Segol

The Melupin,  the Sh’vah and the Cholem,

Then we’ll  learn about the Shuruk,

And we’ll memorize the Chirik.

We’ll study hard so you can really know them.

Let me show ya, it’s so easy, you can join me

We sing the Uh…

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V’Ata Kisvu
Reach Out
Mi She’oso
Haneiros Hallalu
Man To Man
The Gift
Across The River


Reach Out

(Gershon Veroba)


Find room in your life for a searcher

Reach out to me.

I’m hoping to find the horizon

Reach out to me.


Does the sun still shine, does the moon still glow?

The answers for me seem to come and go.

Are you there? Are you there?


Do I shock you when I walk away?

Reach out to me

I wish I had a reason to stay. Won’t you…

Reach out to me


Believe in whatever, but believe in me

You can come on over, only if you see.

Are you there? Are you there?


Reach out and find me

Come closer if you dare.

Prove to the world and prove to me…

Do you care at all? Do you care at all?

Reach out.


You’re talking, but still I can’t hear you.

Reach out to me

It’s a foreign language, but I’m living near you, try to…

Reach out to me


My friends all know, ‘cause they’re searchers, too

They can understand, but I search for you

Are you there? Are you there? (Reach out…)


I need my path, I need my friends.

So when this roller coaster ends,

I need you reaching out to me

So I’ll reach out to you.

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(Gershon Veroba, Avraham Fried)


The wind and rain blow by my door

But the sunshine isn’t following it anymore.

Now the dark is all I see,

But I’m still stretching my hands up so optimistically.


In this room, I stand with faith alone,

Faith in one, who I’ve always known

Turns me away, saving my darkness for another day.


I want to tell the world to stay,

But their ears are closing more and more each passing day.

We’ve said all the words we know

To keep hope and feel the promise of tomorrow.


Across the sea, your beacon’s drifted far.

It’s so hard to see who we are.

Turning away, so many lose the will to pray.

So tell me…


How long must I wait? How long must I pray

Until my words get to you?

How l long must I dream?

How long ‘til I see that you won’t answer me today?

I’m left speechless, with nothing to say.


This doubt occurs to more than me (I’m only watching on my own),

Though I know that there’s a purpose in each thing I see.

So who am I to tell them that it’s fine (am I the one who stands alone)?

They don’t agree between them, so this faith is all mine.


In this world, there’s just too much to do.

How could we make demands of you?

Turn us away, but show us the words we need to say

And tell me… (How long…)


I’ve given you every tear, I’ve given you every sigh.

I’ve given you all of my pain as I walk through the fire.

I’ve given you every prayer since I was an innocent child.

Oh, how will I know that I’ve done all I can all the while?

But my heart is strong and I still hold on.


So there must be a reason, too,

Why I’ll never change how I believe in you.

Could it be that you are speechless, too?

That the world has changed so much that they’re forgetting you?


In this room, I still remember you.

The room is small, but it needs you, too.

Don’t turn us away, save us a place up high today

And tell me… (How long…)

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Man to Man

(Gershon Veroba)


As life and it’s fun go on and on,

we tend to be a little blind.

Between you, the sky, the earth and me,

Something crucial has escaped our minds.


I’ll never understand the daily plan

Of our own self-centered ways.

Do you think enough of the special turn

You might owe to someone today?


As the world keeps turning ‘round,

We do the best we can.

But as we pray to G-d for help,

We still live man to man.


We lift our eyes to the mountains

Wondering where help will come from.

Then we sit right down in our easy chairs,

Waiting for a hand to turn our pages.


I’ll never see how we could be

So distant from our neighbor’s side.

If G-d had meant for us to serve ourselves,

We’d be born in a box,

With our own little worlds,

Left to drown in our own self pride.

'Cause… (As the world…)

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The Gift

(Shloimi Ash, Gershon Veroba)


He sat there all alone. Few, if any, knew his name

An old man without his vision, so you turn your head in shame

Living in a world invisible to me,

Where most of us, at best, can only wish to be


You need more than eyes to see

You need more than ears to hear

When you live your life in truth

The world becomes so clear

As you start your life again

There's a lesson you will find

Sometimes the gift of sight is a curse that makes you blind.


He kept a holy book, carried closely at his side

He silently and sightless, scanned the pages in his mind 

The mysteries and memories of long gone yesterdays

Now solved and reunited in another way. (You need more…)


His is the name we gave you

A badge to wear with pride, inspiration from inside.

As the angel flies with perfect eyes

He sees your life and joy.

(You need more…)

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Across The River

(Sam Glaser)


Come with me across the river

Far across the great divide

Come with me across the river

To the other side


Pack up your things and go

To a land that I will show you

For no other reason than to join me on this journey

Into the great unknown

Where mysteries await you

You've got too much to give to live your life alone

(Come with me…)


Come with me across the river

Across the water, far and wide.

Come with me across the river

To the other side


Open your heart and soul

And watch the magic happen

There's not a single thing your dreams cannot deliver

I am the pot of gold

That lies beyond your rainbow

I may be far away or right under your nose

It's up to you.


Lech l'cha me'artzecha,  Lech l'cha mimolad'tcha

Lech l'cha mibet avicha,  El ha'aretz asher arek-ka

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